Norwegian flag


The beginning

Norroen Form is a one-man company founded in 2006 and run by me, Ronny Soevik. I've always been interested in drawing and handicrafts. My background from art school (2 years in Aalesund Art School) and sharing atelier with sculptor Arne Martin Hansen (3 years), has given me a very good start to create fine arts and handicraft.

On Viking turf

Growing up on the North West coast of Norway has given me close encounters with the greatest nature scenes and its forces at use. And many times I've just stopped for a while and tried to imagine how life would be in these surroundings, in the late Iron Age. What inspired their lives, arts, religion, rites and daily life? Working 10 years at Galleri Bryggen (historical shop, gallery, design shop and workshop) has been a good base for collecting ideas, inspiration and meet people interested in history, from all over the world. Participating in various Viking markets in Norway has been a great and joyful journey during summertime. To meet other Viking- and history interested people, and get a small scent of a historical Viking way of life in a Viking kaupang (marketplace).

A dragon was born

My dragons are direct copies or inspired copies from Viking finds. The surroundings I place them in, are purely taken from my imagination and is not meant as part of a religious rite. But I do have an ongoing search for understanding of the forces and untold stories they tend to express to me. The runes on the candleholders say Solgave (gift from the sun) and are a sign of love to my wife and a celebration of her life. Gripping animals, beasts, human figures, Gods and ornamentation - a living pictorial world from the Viking era.